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Oringone Srl Large diameters and endless O-Rings produced with an innovative step-molding method.

Duci Srl O-Rings in various compounds with many approvals and certificates of quality, for a wide range of industrial sectors. From the automotive to the hydraulic and food industry.

Duepi Srl Molds design and manufacturing. Injection molding of custom made articles, in techno-polymers and liquid silicon. Articles produced with 3D printers.

Fluorten Srl PTFE, PEEK and HPP – High Performance Polymers. Stock shapes and customized engineered components.

FP Paris Srl Special large size Rotary Shaft Oil Seals for applications in the heavy duty industry.

ATS Special Oil Seals Srl Special large size Rotary Shaft Oil Seals for applications in the heavy duty industry.

Slib Italy Self-lubricating bushings and washers for valves and other applications for the Hydraulic, Energy and Primary metals industry.

Sealfluid high perfomance sealing solutions for fluid power applications: hydraulic and pneumatic.

FP Milano Srl Industrial technical items.

FP Modena Srl Standard e Endless O-Rings rings for rotating shafts, industrial components in rubber-metal, elastomer, liquid silicone, PTFE and high-performance technopolymers.

Bearing for Valves - SLIB Italy - Sliding bearings for high pressure and ball bearings.

a sinergia e il know-how delle Aziende di SEALCORE Network forniscono la garanzia di una Qualità Made in Italy, un servizio completo per far fronte alle esigenze del mercato globale e un’ampia gamma di Prodotti Tecnici: standard e endless O-Rings; anelli di tenuta per alberi rotanti; articoli tecnici in elastomero e gomma-metallo; silicone liquido; stampa 3D; PTFE e Tecnopolimeri ad alte prestazioni; boccole e ralle autolubrificanti; soluzioni di tenuta per sistemi idraulici.